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Secret of the land

In the month since the last blog about the Ireland adventure, and my quest to create a self-sufficient, co-living community on the Emerald Isle, I have moved on from Tipperary. I headed over to the Beara Peninsular (my third stop) to explore the far west of County Cork, which is stunning, mountainous and relentlessly rocky. In some places, the mountains look almost molten. The roads are also unforgiving and go from tarmac to virtually unmade in a split second. The ‘ship on wheels’ rattled along, whilst unbeknown to me, my beloved bike was taking a beating from the road.

The car behind me tooted to give me the heads up that something was wrong. I pulled over and discovered, to my horror, that the bike (which travels at an angle) had been hitting the ground on the bumpy patches of road. After trying different ways of raising the front, and failing, I decided that a better plan was to take the wheel off altogether. I had not done this before but eventually worked it out and continued along my way.

I spent a week on the Beara, and then moved east to the town of Skibbereen, just inland from yet more stunning, unspoilt coastline, which also put me within reach of the target area for the Earth Collective project, so that I could start having a serious look around at the terrain.

Amazing rock forms on the Beara Peninsular

During a two week stay at Skibbereen, I did a lot of cycling, sometimes from the campsite and other times, taking the bike on the pickup truck to locations further afield, and carving up the area to see the heart of the countryside, which is not otherwise very accessible. I topped 1000 miles on my new bike, which gave rise to some spontaneous whooping, to the surprise of a few sheep! Cycling gives me time to notice things I wouldn’t in a car – how people live, details about their properties, the animals, the land and the local micro-climate.

Oh, the land! It’s so special, everywhere I’ve been. It oozes with life and vitality, it’s vibrant, irregular and untamed. The cows love it, too. They are either eating the lush green grass or lying down on it, soaking up the earth energies. There is nothing in between. This is definitely not the case in the UK. I had been aware of something extremely interesting and unusual about the land, before I came to Ireland. I discovered it in the messages of the spiritual entourage called ‘Kryon’, channelled by Lee Carroll. I have followed the Kryon information since 1988, when it first started to come through. It has been illuminating and profound in so many ways, and contains extraordinary information about our life and times, science, education, politics, history, DNA and more. Much has been proven to be true over the years. When Lee travels around the world giving seminars, Kryon frequently provides insights into the significance of the country Lee is in, its energy, legacy and potential for the future. And so it was on a visit to Ireland almost a decade ago. I expect this will add another dimension to the Earth Collective project.

This is how I remember the information. Essentially, there are three grids that exist in, or on, our planet. One is the magnetic grid, another is the Gaia grid and the third is the crystalline grid. The magnetic grid is known in physics. The Gaia grid is known to many as the earth’s energy, life force, vibrancy, fauna and flora, and the elements. It is powerful as it runs right to the centre of the planet. The crystalline grid is esoteric and contains the memory of human experience and emotion, throughout time. That’s why you go to some places and feel a lovely energy, perhaps where wonderful things have happened. Or, go somewhere else and feel a bad vibe, most likely the result of battles, bloodshed and grief.

View to the Atlantic from the top of the Healy Pass on the Beara Peninsular

The three grids co-exist, and the crystalline grid also has the effect of tempering the raw power of the Gaia grid. However, according to Kryon, there are some anomalies in the grids, thought they usually occur at sea. I think the Bermuda Triangle might be one. It turns out that Ireland (in particular, southern Ireland) is one of the few places (it might even be the only place) where this anomaly exists on land.

The anomaly is the absence of the crystalline grid. The net effect of this is two-fold. Firstly, it means that the many battles which have been fought on Irish soil throughout history, and other tragic events, have not left an energetic impression. So, the energy is pristine and light, which is what I have felt on my travels. The second effect is that there is no restraint on the powerful Gaia energy. It literally oozes out of the ground, as I mentioned earlier. It’s also why Irish mythology includes elementals, divas, fairies and the ‘little people’, known first-hand to many who live in Ireland.

Regards the Earth Collective project, my sense is that by acknowledging Gaia and actively collaborating with her, it will be possible to enhance the energetic potential of everything involved, including food production, living spaces, people, animals and the land. As for the potential for Ireland itself, Kryon says the country could become a world leader in the production of ‘super foods’. How interesting is that?!


NB. I recently gave an interview to Corey Lynn, for the ‘Solution Series’ on The Solari Report. It’s about my rather unusual take on life, which culminated in my book, The Ultimate Relationship… the one with yourself’. It’s also about my life on wheels and the design of my RV, including EMF mitigation strategies. You’ll need to be a subscriber to the Solari Report to see the full interview, but you can watch a preview here.

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