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How the book happened

How did I happen that I wrote a book? For as long as I can remember I have been searching for answers to questions. Big ones such as the ‘why, what and how’ of all that there is and my role in it. And practical ones such as how to communicate with my body to create good health and repair it when it’s broken, how to be more effective and how to create more of what I want in life.

Packing up to move in 2021

In the process, I have learned that the ultimate relationship is the one with yourself. What you think and how you respond to every situation defines who you are and what you experience. Realising this is the easy part, living it is much harder.

The quest to change myself and the world around me, led me to create businesses based on the things I was passionate about. My first long-term business began in 1988, and was born out of a mission to help women become financially independent, an idea which was unheard of at the time. I also set up a non-profit organisation to promote women in the financial sector, who were an inspirational minority. Later on, in the pioneering days of video online, I created a website to publish interviews with top UK business women and show-case their unconventional leadership style.

A subscription video website came next. This time, to inspire horse owners through providing insights into how top equestrians trained and cared for their equine athletes. And, after that, a website to share my own ‘rewilding’ experience in Wales, including the trials and tribulations of living alone in a remote location. These businesses and others, plus my sporting endeavours, provided continual challenge and change which was the catalyst for my personal growth. Which brings me to this book.

When I was packing up to move in 2021, I decided it was time to say goodbye to a box of written material I had carried around for years. It contained journals crammed full of thoughts, insights and epiphanies that had helped me make sense of my life, talks I had given and articles, diaries and poems I had written. A bonfire beckoned but I was compelled to read it all, one last time. After I had done this, I still couldn’t commit my writings to dust without sharing the best of what had been so life-changing for me.

The Ultimate Relationship is an eclectic mix of my survival strategies for life, business and everything. It tells my story from the inside out through a bid to take control of my mind, my body and my world. It also explains how I learned to hone my connection with the ‘invisible helping hand’ - that multi-dimensional part of us which will one day be explained in physics. The book is part narrative, part insight, woven into a guide to practical spirituality and a quantum version of psychology which, I hope, will help the reader to become a bigger, grander version of themself.

We are at a turning point in history. This is also a chance to reinvent our world. But we need to think and act differently in order to do this. It requires a combination of creative intuitive intelligence (a feminine attribute), recognising and harnessing our true power and developing a connection with the natural world. This is the next evolution in human consciousness. It will enable us to step out of an old old ‘problem-reaction-survival’ paradigm, into something more elegant. In so doing, we will change our lives and the planet.


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